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Problem :

In my house, our printer (an HP DeskJet 5740) is attached to a wifi base station via a USB cable and accessed via a wifi connection. The printer is used predominantly by my wife, who uses a Mac laptop and a Airport express
wifi base station.

She had no problem finding the printer or completing the connection. It prints flawlessly. The printer has bee set up for "sharing". However, I cannot figure out how to find or connect to it.

I use her wifi connection without a problem every day. So, there should b no
Mac/Windows interoperability issue. Any thoughts? I have tried the add printer feature and used every path available with no luck.

Solution :

Check the following steps to solve Wifi Printer Access Error -

1. Determine the IP address of the printer - usually you can print a configuration page and find it there.

2. Start the Add Printer wizard. Do not select Network Printer - select Local Printer and clear any check boxes for auto detection.

3. Select Create new port - select Standard TCP/IP port and configure it with the IP address of the HP.

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