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Fix HP Wifi Printer Offline Error

Problem :

Installed software and followed all instructions selecting printer then wireless network and entering WEP security key. Software screen then tells you it is searching for printer wirelessly and says it cannot be found. Yet when I print the Wireless Network Test Report everything is perfect and it even congratulates me on a successful setupof my wireless printer. Try printing wirelessly and yes you guessed it my printer is offline. Anyone any thoughts?

Solution :

Check the following steps to fix hp wifi printer offline error

1. Insert the HP Photosmart Software CD in the computer CD-ROM drive.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen.

When you are prompted, connect the HP All-in-One to the computer using the USB

setup cable included in the box. The HP All-in-One will attempt to connect to the

network. If the connection fails, follow the prompts to correct the problem, and then

try again.
3. When the setup is finished, you will be prompted to disconnect the USB cable and

test the wireless network connection. Once the HP All-in-One connects successfully

to the network, install the software on each computer that will use the device over the


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