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How to uninstall HP printer using installation CD

This post provides information on how to use HP installation disc which came with the printer/scanner to uninstall the device completely.It describe step by step printer support tips to uninstall HP printer.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Put CD in CD drive.
Explore the CD.
Go to a folder of Util.
In Util there is a folder CCC. In CCC folder you will find 4 uninstallers.
Run all of them in the same order, after every step reboot the computer.
After that Open registry through regedit.Take back-up of it.
Browse to - My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Enum\USB, My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Control Set001\Enum\USB, and other Control Sets as well.
Search of any entry by the name of Vid_0000&Pid_0000.
If this entry if found delete it.
Search for any other entry which starts with Vid_03f0&Pid_xxxx (Vid Stands for Vendor ID and Pid stand for Product ID, and every HP USB product has a Vid starting with Vid_03f0.)
If any Vid_03f0&Pid_xxxx if found click on (+) sign next to it and inside it there will be some folders. Click on each folder and check for the entry (DeviceDesc) in right pane.
If any entry(s) is/are found corresponding to the AIO which is being uninstalled then delete the entire Vid_03f0&Pidxxxx entry.
Exit registry and reboot computer.
Reinstall the software with the CD in normal mode.

How to Reinstall WinFax printer

This post provides printer support to reinstall WinFax printer. It describe step by step instruction to reinstall WinFax printer.

To reinstall the WinFax printer
Close the WinFax Message Manager and WinFax Controller.
If you are running Windows NT, 2000, or XP, stop the WinFax service.
Start Windows Explorer and go to the Insprint.exe file. The default location of this file is on the C:\Program Files\Winfax folder or a subfolder of the Winfax folder.
Double-click the Insprint.exe file. The printer driver files are reinstalled. If you see a message that printer driver files have been installed, click OK.
Restart the computer.

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How to fix Communicating Problem with the Printer

This post provide printer support to fix communicating problems with the printer. Problem Communicating With Printer Message Appears When You Try to Print to a Lexmark X Series. This issue may occur if Windows turns off the power to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Root Hub device to save power.

To resolve this issue Follow the steps:
1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
3. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click USB Root Hub, and then click Properties.

Note There may be more than one USB Root Hub installed in your computer. In this case, you may have to follow these steps with each USB Root Hub device.
4. Click the Power Management tab, click to clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box, and then click OK.
5. Quit Device Manager.

Fix Scanner not working

This post describe the troubleshooting steps about error message Scanner could not be enabled while working with scanner .

Follow the steps below:

Unplug the USB cable.
Turn the printer power off and then unplug the power cable.
Shut down the computer.
Reseat the USB cable and plug the power cable directly to a wall outlet.
Power the printer on.
Restart the computer and attempt to scan.
If you are still unable to scan, try the next set of instructions ('Download the clean utility for your printer') below.
Download the clean utility for your printer:

Click the following link to our Drivers & Downloads center. You should see a list of the files that you can download for your printer. An operating system is associated with each file.
Look at the file description next to your operating system. Make sure the clean utility for your printer is mentioned. (The file name should have the word clean in it.)
Click on the file name. The download process will begin.
Download the file to your desktop or to a folder where you will be able to find it later.
Once the download process is complete, close all the open windows and follow the instructions below to launch the Scan and Copy Control Program.
Launch the Scan and Copy Control Program:

Unplug the power cable from the printer.
Leave it unplugged for one minute and then plug it back in.
At this point you will need to reboot the PC.
If you receive a Hardware Plug-N-Play message, uninstall the printer driver and then run the clean utility that you downloaded.
Reboot the computer again and reinstall the driver following the installation directions in the manual.
If you receive an ArtCopy55 error message when trying to scan, right-click the Scan and Copy Control Program icon in the SYSTRAY and click Exit.
Do a search for the file artcopy55.jac and delete it.
Launch the Scan and Copy Control Program and attempt to scan a document again.

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HP DeskJet Printer Driver Support

Two printer drivers are available that support the Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskJet family of printers under Microsoft Windows version 3.1. The HP DeskJet family of printers includes the HP DeskJet, HP DeskJet Plus, HP DeskJet 500, and HP DeskJet 500C. You can use either the HP DeskJet Series printer driver version 2.1 (DJ500C.DRV) or the Microsoft HP DeskJet printer driver (HPDSKJET.DRV). The Microsoft HP DeskJet printer driver is supported by the Microsoft Universal Printer Driver (UNIDRV.DLL), which is included with Windows 3.1. This post provide help about Install Printer diver and Printer support tips.

The best driver to select depends on the type of printing and fonts you require. Using versions of the HP driver (DJ500C.DRV) earlier than version 2.1 is not recommended because these versions were created for use with an earlier version of Windows and do not offer TrueType font support. To identify which driver is installed, look at their descriptions in the Control Panel. The DJ500C.DRV driver written by Hewlett-Packard (HP) lists the printer name as "HP DeskJet Series v 2.x," where "2.x" is either 2.0 or 2.1. The HPDSKJET.DRV printer driver provided with Windows 3.1 lists the printer name as "HP DeskJet," "HP DeskJet Plus," or "HP DeskJet 500."

Use the HP DeskJet Series driver version 2.1 if you require support for Intellifont format fonts or if you are doing color printing with the DeskJet 500C. Black and gray scale printing with any member of the HP DeskJet printer family is supported by this driver. This driver also includes support for the 14 TrueType fonts that come with Windows 3.1 and allows TrueType fonts to be scaled. The HP series driver version 2.1 comes with three Intellifont format fonts(CG Times, Universe, and Courier), which can be scaled. The driver does not support font cart- ridges or soft fonts, and offers limited compatibility with Windows 3.1 (see #2 below).

The Microsoft HP DeskJet printer driver that ships with Windows 3.1 is the recommended driver for TrueType and device font support. This driver supports both portrait and landscape printing at 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution for the 14 TrueType fonts that come with Windows 3.1, as well as internal, soft, and cartridge fonts (with the exception of the K and L cartridges). The Microsoft HP DeskJet printer driver does not provide direct support for the DeskJet 500C, but you can select the DeskJet 500 driver and print in black to a 500C.

Both the HP DeskJet Series version 2.1 and the Microsoft HP DeskJet printer driver can be loaded at the same time in Windows 3.1, but only one driver can be active. You can switch between the drivers as required.

The HP DeskJet Series driver version 2.0 for Windows 3.0 that comes with the DeskJet 500C will not work with Windows 3.1. You need to upgrade to the HP DeskJet Series driver version 2.1 for Windows 3.1. The version 2.1 driver offers limited compatibility with Windows 3.1 and is available in the DeskJet library (5) of HPPER on CompuServe. Download D5WIN3.ANN for more information.

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