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There are several known malicious programs that mask themselves to be legal spooler subsystem app. First of all, you should know, that the legal Spooler is an essential part of Windows. When you click on Print button in some program, Spooler program receives your printing task. In printer spooler app properties you can add or remove current printer jobs. Spooler Subsystem icon appears in your taskbar when you try to print something.

Thanks to Spooler Subsystem App different computers and different users can print their documents on the same printer at the same time. spooler process organizes the list of print jobs into the queue. If spooler service is stopped, printing is impossible. There is a service called spoolsv.exe service that should be always run. Installing printer driver which contains errors or is incompatible with already installed drivers will also cause spooler service stop.

The problem occurs also if spool sv service was stopped by accident or you turn it to Manual or Disabled mode. One of the most common reasons of spoolsv.exe problem is that several printers are installed at the same moment under Windows Vista. If you have spoolso.exe virus, scan your system with recent anti virus. Sometimes (rarely) it can be corrected by reinstalling your printer spooling drivers. Clear printer's job queue before you try to solve Spooler problem.

Locate temporary directories of your printer driver and delete all files with .shd and .spl extensions. It is not recommended to try solve spooler error manually. If you try to solve spooler, things may get even worse. Reinstalling printer drivers sometimes can also lead to total inoperability of spooler subsytem app. Do not install several printer drivers only one computer unless you really need this.

Be careful when editing registry entries of printer spooler job queue as you can harm your system. My email is bombarded with messages from users all over the world regarding printer Spooler Subsystem problems. The most complaints tell about error messages that appear while they try to print something. I receive a lot of requests from users who experience printer Spooler Subsystem App errors.

Just download this Fix Wizard and let it solve your problem automatically. From my experience Spooler Fix Wizard is the most effective solution of Spooler Subsystem App problem. Solving your Spooler Subsystem App problem with Fix Wizard from Security Stronghold is as easy as clicking on one button. You shouldn't be a computer whiz to use Spooler Fix Wizard. You should use Spooler Fix Wizard created by Security Stronghold to fix your Spooler Subsystem problem.


Time for Printer Repairs

Printers undoubtedly form the most basic form of accessory for a home or an office, be it a small office or a big brand organization. You can find a lot of different types of printers such as inkjet printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers and many others at places all around you. You can easily purchase a printer as there are a lot of printers available at very affordable prices. However it has often been observed that printers start to show certain glitches or problems soon after purchase and being used for a short span of time. This is the reason why printer repair services are important.

There is yet another very important reason why these printer repair services are important for you. This is due to the fact that the printers available these days in the market are highly technology intensive. What this means is that any problem or glitches occurring with the printer are highly technology related and this is the reason why you require someone with great technical expertise to cure your printer and repair it off the glitch.

There are certain small glitches and everyday problems which can be very easily repaired by the users itself. For example, you do not need to call for printer repair services for clearing out a paper jam or the condition where the printer runs out of paper for printing. The need for these printer repair service arises for the bigger and the more complex problems related to printers which cannot be catered to by everyday users and need expert attention.

Apart from the times when it presents problems, it is also advisable to call for printer repair services on regular basis for maintenance as well as checks on them. Finding a good repairman is a necessity if you are running a business.

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