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Fix Printer Problems

Selecting the Right Printer

One cannot do without printer in today’s time as we all need hard copies. Therefore selecting right printer is a difficult task in itself. So here is some help:-

Types of Printer

There are many types of printer, whether you need to print documents, photos, stickers, large banners or any other thing need to be printed, there is a printer for all situations.

• Card Printer – for printing plastic cards

• CD Printer – for printing labels directly onto the CD

• Check Printer – for printing text on blank checks

• DVD Printer – for printing labels directly on the DVD disc

• Inkjet Printer – usually used for basic printing needs (i.e. documents, photos, etc.) in the home, school or office.

• Laster Printer – has similar functions with the inkjet, only faster.

• Photo Printer – the printer especially designed and made for printing high-quality images.

• Portable Printer – for use with mobile devices like laptops and other mobile computers

• Postcard Printer – for printing images and text on postcards and other novelty papers.

• Poster Printer – for printing bigger media (i.e. posters, banners, etc.)

• Thermal Printer – typically used for printing receipts and labels

• Wireless Printer – utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer instead of traditional cables, which makes it ideal for small spaces with computers.

Before purchasing a printer

Your printing need can be any thing, be sure to notice the following feature when choosing a printer.

• Power source

• Connectivity

• Printing size

• Format (what it can print)

• Speed of printing

• Efficiency

• Paper types and sizes it can accommodate

• Security features

• System requirements (ensure your device is compatible with it)

• Capacity (how much it can print at a time and how much paper it can accommodate)

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The Choice Of Printer Repair

Nothing is worse then going to print out an important document and finding that your printer has ceased to function. We all know the drill; we’re getting error messages left and right; over and over again we open up the machine and unleash the many hidden compartments looking for a jammed piece of a paper or anything that will clue us in to the problem. And when we’re at our wits end we know that it’s time to make the call for printer repair.

Printer repair is a difficult choice to weigh, simply because the affordable prices of printers makes the purchase of a new one – over the repair of an old one – sometimes easier and less expensive. Deciding on printer repair depends largely on the component that has stopped functioning. If you’re dealing with a paper jam you just can’t seem to solve, then, chances are, a printer repair professional can eradicate the problem very quickly and at very little cost.

If you’ve had ongoing problems with your printer and the repair bills have continued to mount, then it may be wise to skip the printer repair going forward and purchase a newer printer with a warranty. A printer repair warranty would essentially alleviate the worry over a printer breakdown, as parts and, in many a case, labor is covered under the warranty contract.

If you have to send your printer out for printer repair then turn to the manufacturer first and foremost. A printer manufacturer has a vested interest in upholding the reputation of its products. You will often find printer repair professionals who offer a superior level of service; and you can rest assured that the replacement parts you are receiving – if necessary – are in line with the manufacturer’s standards.

Some large office equipment supply stores also offer printer repair but be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable organization that will give you the same quality parts that you purchased initially. There are also private companies that offer printer repair; in some cases they will come to your office and work on the printer there. Weigh price considerations when determining the best printer repair as well; some of these smaller companies offer more competitive rates than the big guys, although you want to ensure that you’re getting the same level of quality work.

When it comes to printer repair, you must first determine the wisdom of repair versus the purchase of a new machine. If printer repair is the way to go, then be sure you are comparing apples with apples when considering several different companies.