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Selecting the Right Printer

One cannot do without printer in today’s time as we all need hard copies. Therefore selecting right printer is a difficult task in itself. So here is some help:-

Types of Printer

There are many types of printer, whether you need to print documents, photos, stickers, large banners or any other thing need to be printed, there is a printer for all situations.

• Card Printer – for printing plastic cards

• CD Printer – for printing labels directly onto the CD

• Check Printer – for printing text on blank checks

• DVD Printer – for printing labels directly on the DVD disc

• Inkjet Printer – usually used for basic printing needs (i.e. documents, photos, etc.) in the home, school or office.

• Laster Printer – has similar functions with the inkjet, only faster.

• Photo Printer – the printer especially designed and made for printing high-quality images.

• Portable Printer – for use with mobile devices like laptops and other mobile computers

• Postcard Printer – for printing images and text on postcards and other novelty papers.

• Poster Printer – for printing bigger media (i.e. posters, banners, etc.)

• Thermal Printer – typically used for printing receipts and labels

• Wireless Printer – utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer instead of traditional cables, which makes it ideal for small spaces with computers.

Before purchasing a printer

Your printing need can be any thing, be sure to notice the following feature when choosing a printer.

• Power source

• Connectivity

• Printing size

• Format (what it can print)

• Speed of printing

• Efficiency

• Paper types and sizes it can accommodate

• Security features

• System requirements (ensure your device is compatible with it)

• Capacity (how much it can print at a time and how much paper it can accommodate)

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