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HP DeskJet 5550 Series Printer Configuration

In addition you get tips for configure HP DeskJet 5550 Series Printer Support. You get info about how to configure your HP DeskJet Printer. This problem occurs when the HP DeskJet 5550 series printer driver version 5.0. Is installed using the Add Printer method. When the printer driver is installed using the Software first or Hardware Plug and Play method the Configuration tab is available and the option to access the features is available.
Use one of the following options to access the Configuration menu of the printer driver.
Uninstall then reinstall the printer driver
The Configuration tab is available from the Toolbox if the printer driver is uninstalled and then reinstalled using either Software first or Hardware Plug and Play installation process.
Use the Printer Assistant to access the Configuration menu

1. Open the Printer Assistant by using one of the following methods.
* Click the HP DeskJet 5550 Printer Assistant icon or your desktop.
* Right-click the printer icon on your taskbar, then select Open HP DeskJet 5550 series Printer Assistant.
2. Click the Tools and Updates button.
3. Click the Printer maintenance button.
4. Click the Configure printer button.
5. Click Configure.
6. The HP 5550 series Configuration window will appear (see Figure 1). Enable or disable the desired feature.

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