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How to Connect a Printer Using a Web Browser

Now I am going to discuss about how to connect a printer using web browser. With the Internet printing characteristic of Microsoft Windows XP, you can use your Web browser to connect to share printers on a print server that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Printing is implemented by way of the Internet Print Protocol (IPP), which is encapsulated in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). By typing the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a remote printer in the Address bar of your browser, you can connect to, and print from the printer in the same way as if it were attached to your own computer. In addition, get further printer support if you have Manage Printers permission for the printer, you can also pause or resume operation of the printer.

Steps To connect a printer using a Web browser:

1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. In the Address bar, do one of the following:
o If you do not know the name of the printer to which you want to connect, type the following, where PrintServer is the name of the print server:


For example, to view a list of all printers that are located on a print server named MyPrintServer, type the following:


A list of all printers on the print server is displayed in your browser window. In the list of available printers, click the name of the printer that you want.


o If you know the name of the printer to which you want to connect, type the URL of the printer by using the following format, where PrintServer is the name of the print server and Printer is the name the printer:


For example, if you want to go directly the page of a printer that is named Laser that is shared from a server called MyPrintServer, type the following:
3. In the browser window, a Web page opens in which the printer properties are displayed. Click the links to view more information about your printer, or perform a printer or document action.
4. To connect to the printer, click Connect under Printer Actions.

You are connected to the printer, and Windows installs the appropriate printer driver for your computer.

After the installation is complete, the icon for this printer is added to the Printers and Faxes folder on your computer. You can then use, monitor, and administer the printer as if it were attached to your computer.
Note: To connect to an Internet printer, you can also type the URL of the printer in any window or folder with an Address bar, such as Windows Explorer, My Computer, or the Printers and Faxes folder.

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