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Windows 7 Restart Loop

Problem:My sister was on Facebook and one of her friends messaged her with "look at this funny YouTube video of you" and a link only in numbers. It was a virus. She clicked it. It now let's the computer log on, but after 3 minutes it restarts. Then boots in safe mode. Then restarts and follows this loop continuously. Any suggestions?Thank you


Resoltion for some of these Windows 7 Restart Loops. Please see the steps below for details:We will start by booting into Windows Recovery Environment using the same steps above. I will list them again here for completion's sake:1. Boot using the Windows 7 installation DVD2. Choose your language settings and hit "Next"3. Click on "Repair Your Computer" link at the bottom of the screen. This will launch Windows RE.NOTE: Do not click on “Install Now”4. Choose the OS to repair, and take note of the Drive Letter assigned to the operating System.5. You should see “Windows 7” and D:\ (the drive letter may be different)6. Click Next and you should see a list of the recovery tools7. Click on “Command Prompt”8. You will see “X:\Sources” in white on a black background, you can type commands hereOnce you have booted into WinRE please follow the steps below:1. Type "cd c:\users" at the command prompt.2. Type "dir /s /p", and look for the words "is too long". 3. If you don't see "is too long" on the first page, press a key to get the next page4. Look on the second page for "is too long".5. Continue to press a key to advance in pages until you find all the strings "is too long". (This may take quite a few pages to get to the end)NOTE: You may see more than 1 entry that has "is too long", please take a note of each entry as we will need the folder names in later steps.Once you have identified all the folders with "is too long" we will need to move them into a temp location.7. Type "move" followed by the path of the folder, then the name of the temporary location to move to:EXAMPLE: MOVE C:\USERS\BOB\DOCUMENTS\DOCUMENTS C:\TEMP8. Once all the invalid folders have been moved, repeat step 1 and 2 to verify that there are no other folders with "is too long"9. Once completed, restart the computer and you should be able to successfully boot into Vista.10. Once back into a working Vista, open "Computer" and navigate to C:\Users and open your username folder.11. Right click on each folder one by one and choose "Properties".12. Click on the Location tab and confirm that the path shown is correctly displaying the path for this folder.Example: The properties / location of C:\Users\BOB\Documents should have the same correct path listed on the location tab "C:\Users\BOB\Documents".13. If any folder's location is not correct, click on "Restore Defaults" and repeat14. Once all the folders have been corrected, please reboot the computer and retry the upgrade process again.

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No Audio Output Device Installed

M laptop suddenly lost its sound. though computer beeps can be heard (i.e. computer warning when ejecting a device)
but not music. or any other sound. so i figured its a software problem so i decided to install drivers from hp's support site.. still no go. so i then looked at the device manager and saw that the audio device doesn't exist. conexant high definition audio device isnt listed. so i tried updating my bios thinking that it would fix the problem. still nothing. so i used the recovery software in my computer and thats why im here. now searching around the forums its unfortunate that there are alot of people having the same issues and not having any of the solutions. i dont know what else to do. i think its past due for my laptop's warranty. but as a given fact that its a common issue with dv series from hp. i think they should do something about their product.
To solve the No Audio Output Device Installed in my laptop, I have tried the following:
1) GO BACK INTO "Device Manager" (dreaded, soul-crushing thing)
3) Find "System speaker"
4) Uninstall it.
5) Go into hibernate/restart (I hibernated for a few minutes), cross your fingers and hope the dreaded red X is gone.
I hope it works for you

How do you restore a sony laptop back to factory settings?

Problem: How do you restore a sony laptop back to factory settings?
Basically my laptop has a virus so keeps crashing when I go on some programmes so wondered how to restore it back to factory settings?
Solution: Follow the given steps for Restore to Factory Settings From Recovery CD:
1. Put the Sony System Recovery CD into the CD drive and then turn off your computer. Wait at least 30 seconds before restarting.
2. Restart the computer and a "Vaio System Recovery Utility" window comes up. Click "Next."
3. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to begin the system restore. Follow the instructions that you will be given in the window.
Restore to Factory Settings From Laptop
1. Close out all programs and open browser windows.
2. Click on "Start" on your computer's desktop.
3. Click on "Help and Support" when the Start menu opens up.
4. Select "Vaio Recovery Wizard" from the Help and Support menu. Confirm that you want to set the laptop back to factory settings and click "Next." The Sony laptop will begin the restoration process, which can take an hour or more.
5. Click "OK" when you finally receive a window that tells you the recovery process has been successfully completed

Windows 7 laptop will not Shutdown completely

I bought a new laptop 6 mnths ago with windows 7 64 bit installed. worked fine up till 2 weeks ago. every time i shut down it stays on the shutdown screen till the battery goes flat. When i turn it back on it says windows has recovered from an unexpected shut down. any ideas coz im all out?

Windows 7 laptop will not Shutdown issue could either be Software or Hardware related. Boot into Safe Mode and check if you can shut down properly.
Boot your computer in Safe mode.
If a problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes.
Perform a hardware clean boot to determine if any hardware is posing this problem.
1. Go to start and type device manager.
2. Select device manager from the Control Panel list.
3. Right Click on Sound Card, Video Adapter, and Network Adapter one by one and click disable.
4. Reboot the computer. If the problem is fixed then you can enable the hardware devices one by one to find the exact device that caused the problem.
After you found the device that is causing the problem, installing the device’s latest driver should fix it unless it’s a hardware issue.

Windows 7 x86 0xc0000006 bluescreen

Problem: Before I got this blue screen everything was fine, but suddenly Mozilla started to freeze up and it wouldn't respond. So I had to restart my pc but when I did it got that blue screen with error 0xc0000006. I tried the startup repair but that doesn't work, then I tried restoring to an earlier time, that didn't work either. This is my 4th HD, I'm getting pissed at these things for not working properly, what would cause this...0xc6 error suddenly? Is here another way to repair it? I don't want to have buy another HD , this one cost me $150 so...any help would be appreciated, also I'm on my iPod at the moment.
It seems that there is some driver issue. Also Windows 7 Blue screens (BSOD’s) are mostly due to hardware and sometimes due to incompatible software. In a lot of cases it is a corrupted driver or a driver conflict. The most common causes of blue screens are overheating, faulty RAM, and video card problem.
There is a setting that will prevent the system restarting immediately after a crash like that, and so allow you to see the BSOD. Refer to the steps below -
1. Click Start and then click Control Panel
2. Select the ‘view by’ option as small icons.
3. Now select the option of System and select advanced system settings, (on the left).
Accept the "Windows will need your permission to continue" if it appears
4. Now click the Settings button under "Startup and recovery".
5. In the new window, remove the tick for "Automatically restart" under System failure.
This will at least let you see the BSOD message when the system restarts and will allow you to write down the full message. You will need to turn off the computer manually afterwards.
Try to note the exact error message you are getting and notify us about it to assist you better.
Also I would suggest you to connect the minimum required hardware like a single RAM stick, monitor, keyboard, etc and then try starting the computer and check.

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How to Fix a Printer Driver ?

A printer driver is a necessary piece of software that must be installed in a computer for the printer to function properly. The printer driver converts information into a data stream that can be read by the printer to produce the printed page. However, printer drivers can become corrupted or outdated after an update to the Windows operating system or a program. If the printer driver is not working, then the printer will also malfunction. You can use the Add Printer Driver Wizard in Windows to replace the malfunctioning printer driver.


Click "Start" then "Control Panel" and select "Hardware and Sound" from the list. Click "Printers" or "Devices and Printers." A list of printers will be displayed.

Right-click the printer with the malfunctioning driver, then select "Printer Properties" from the pop-up list. If prompted by the system, enter the administrator password in the appropriate field. The "Printer Properties" window will open.

Click the "Advanced" tab, then click the "New Driver" button. The Add Printer Driver Wizard window will open. Click the "Next" button.

Click the "Have Disk" button if you have the new driver on a CD or DVD already inserted in the disk drive of your computer. The wizard will automatically locate the printer driver on the disc and install it. Click the "Windows Update" button if you do not have the new driver on a disc. The system will download all driver updates and automatically install the driver for your printer.

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Display driver stopped working


While I was playing Warcraft 3, the screen usually lag suddenly. Once this happens, I need to quicky quit the game to prevent from freezing. When I quiited the game, under below the notification, it says that your display driver stopped working and restored successfully. So please help me from happening this! Thanks.


If you have installed an unstable beta video driver version, you will need to install the correct video driver. You can download the driver form your hardware manufacturer’s website. If you see that your driver files got deleted or corrupted, you will need to update your antivirus program and fix all the malware issues in your computer as the issues are mainly caused due to the malware threats. Then you can install video drivers in your computer; make sure that you install hardware and Windows compatible drivers.

Hopefully, you get solution of Display driver stopped working

Windows 7 Pro error opening Outlook 2010

With this message: Outlook Data File:
The file C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Outlook Files\(email address).pst cannot be found.
I've tried Restarting laptop and tried backing up Outlook from server based files without curing the problem.
Thanks for any assistance.

Windows 7 Pro error opening Outlook 2010
Create a new Outlook profile and use the Windows search to find the other PST file on your computer.
Enable hidden files and folders using the link below before doing the search:

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Droid Dream Virus

Problem: I was just informed that an Android Virus is now starting to show up.
I guess it's called Droid Dream Virus. Anyone hear of this?

Solution: DroidDream malware sends out a download pop-up to the user to install malicious software on the mobile handset. If a user mistakenly accepts the invitation, then it carries out unnecessary tasks in the background without the user’s permission. This time, thousands of Android-based mobile phones got infected because of its variant.

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Android Smartphones get infected with variants of DroidDream Malware

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How to remove AV Security Suite?

If I turn on the computer, soon as XP loads, a likeness of Windows (red) Security says I might be infected and starts a scan w/out my approval (like a Trojan/Malware/Spyware). I stop the scan, then it throws up a likeness of Windows Alert "Your computer may be under attack: Do you want to block it? I tell it no, and close it. Then it throws up another warning box "Update/Activate Av Security Suite; Your Computer..blah, blah, blah. Every time you try to open ANY program: Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, Windows Update, Add/Remove programs; it throws those three up (with a screech), one after the other, cancelling what you want to do (unless you pay them). Also, it keeps changing my Lan settings to Proxy instead of "Automatically Detect Settings", turns off Session cookies, and says that is an unsafe website, please choose "US" for home page and AV/AS/AM needs. I finally got connected; changed Internet Options twice/three reboots/opened control panel- my documents-task mgr, and basically attacked it: Kept it too busy to block Internet Conn. Updated "Win.Def."& "Micro. Sec. Essent." and cleaned computer : (first day; noticed that it had used internet/uninstalled/pop-ups stopped for a day/reinstalled/back the following day. Never, and still, can't remove the sys.tray icon (AV) and the "activate now" pop-up. Have searched entire computer for anything with "AV" in it--no luck. Any body have an idea where AV hides their "un-wanted" software on computers?

AV Security Suite is a scareware and ransomware program from the same family as Antivirus Soft and AntiSpyware Soft. The developers of this program are distributing AV Security Suite through the use of hacked sites, spam, and Trojans that install it onto your computer without your permission. Once installed AV Security Suite will be configured to start automatically when your computer starts. Once started it will scan your computer and state that there are numerous infections, but will not let you remove any of them until you purchase the program. All of these scan results are fake and are only being shown to trick you into purchasing the program, which you should obviously not do.

1. Reboot your computer is "Safe Mode with Networking". As the computer is booting tap the "F8 key" continuously which should bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" as shown below. Use your arrow keys to move to "Safe Mode with Networking" and press Enter key. Read more detailed instructions here:

2. Launch Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer go to: Tools->Internet Options->Connections tab.
Click Lan Settings button and uncheck the checkbox labeled Use a proxy server for your LAN. Click OK.
3. Download at least one anti-malware program from the list below and run a full system scan.

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My Youtube keeps blocking my Firefox

Problem: Everytime I go on youtube and watch a video, it blocks my firefox completely. I doesn't unblock even when I leave it for a while. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Solution: It is possible that you may face the problem of YouTube keeps blocking your firefox due to memory leak in the web browser. The browser will get memory leak issues due to the web cache or history increased in great amount. The simultaneous opening of large number of videos in YouTube fills up the browser cache. You can clear the browser cache and web history to fix the issue. It requires much space for playing YouTube video. You can access the web history from the menu bar of browser and can remove these entries. It is also possible to use some history removal tools for this purpose.

Hopefully, you may get solution to fix the above problem.
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How to Scan a Document on a Multi-Function Printer

A multi-function printer with a scanner makes backing up your important documents easy. The scanner function of the printer allows you to translate a paper document like a receipt or title deed into an electronic copy that is stored on your computer. Once you have an electronic copy of your document, you can process and manipulate the document as you would any other electronic file. Follow these steps to scan a document on a multi-function printer:


Connect your multi-function printer and computer. Power them up.

Select the side of the document you are going to scan. Give the document a once-over, checking for any flaws that you do not want transferred into electronic form.

Open the printer's lid. Place the side of the document you want scanned face-down on the glass plate of your multi-function printer's scanning bed. Align the document to your satisfaction.

Close the printer's lid carefully. You may want to weigh the document down with another sheet of paper to prevent it from shifting.

Choose an appropriate scan resolution. You may have to do this using the controls of your printer or on the computer, depending on the model and software.

Press the scan button to start the process. This can be done on the printer itself or on the computer.

Preview the scan on your computer monitor. You should be able to make minor changes to the scanned image if needed.

Save the scanned image if you are satisfied with the result. Try again if you are not satisfied.

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Wireless Connection Not Found.

I bought a HP Pavillion dv6-3121nr Notebook and a Photosmart d110 wireless all in one. After setting both machines up, the wireless connection between the 2 was working fine until today. I'm trying to print a document from my school and it takes a really long time to do so. In the computer screen a message comes up saying that "the printer is offline", but in the printer's screen it says "printing". And it prints, but a single page takes 20 minutes to do so.
I had the D110 print me a "Wireless Network Test Report", which says "No problems found. Congratulations on the successful setup of your wireless printer.*" But when I run the troubleshooting from the computer it says " Verify that UDP port 427 is unblocked for both inbound and outbund traffic". I did verify it , and it is unblocked by the firewall. I even restored the computer back to the last time the wireless connection worked properly, which was on Sunday, but to no avail. Please help.

Check whether you have any third party firewall installed on to the system, if you have the third party firewall installed on the system then you need to contact directly to your Firewall manufacturer to unblock the UDP port 427 and then see whether the issue gets fixed. The other scenario is if you is being using the Windows Live OneCare firewall then open the OneCare, change the settings, click to the firewall tab and then go to the advanced option, select the ports and protocol option, add the UDP port there, and then select the UDP as the type, you need to choose inbound. After adding the UDP port now you may reboot your computer system and then check if the problem gets fixed.

Hopefully, you got solution for Wireless Connection Not Found

How to remove a virus from computer?

I got a virus somehow, i cannot open any single application without a window popping up, an embarrassingly obvious virus, posing as an anti virus (ironic). i have avast, and i did a full system scan, restarted, tried again, still found nothing, tried typing some stuff into cmd, but to no avail, and safe mode with networking doesn't change anything, it's still there. i would like to know how to find the file the virus is in, and how i can delete it. thanks.
To remove a virus you must first scan for it to know where it's hiding. I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials, it is free. It found 3 trojans on my computer. After removing them, upon rescan they were still there! It freaked me out a little bit. So, I went back to their website, and conducted a live chat with one of their techs which was also free. They stayed with me for 4 hours on chat & manually removed the virus from my computer. I felt safe about downloading from them since it was a microsoft product & their customer service was really wonderful for something I didn't have to pay for. I'll post the link for you're interested. Good luck!

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Firefox Running Sow?

I recently reinstalled Firefox after a laptop crash/reboot.
Now it runs really slowly. It takes ages to load pages. It crashes/freezes randomly, and if I'm not moving the mouse, it stops loading. So if I'm trying to watch a video on youtube, I can't watch it unless I'm moving the mouse continuously! This is becoming such a pain. I can't even save images to my desktop, because it lags when it downloads anything.
How do I stop this!?

Firefox may load and operate slowly if you have installed many add-ons or if your add-ons are conflicting. You can disable all add-ons and enable them, one by one, to determine if a specific add-on is causing trouble. In addition to this, you may wish to check for updates to add-ons to ensure that your installed add-ons are compatible with your current version of Firefox. 2. Firefox may be slow if you have many bookmarks. To circumvent this issue, remove unneeded bookmarks 3. Firefox may appear to be slow, but it may actually be due to your Internet connection or wireless signal. To troubleshoot this issue, you can use a separate browser -- such as either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome -- to determine if loading is slow across the board. You can also check your wireless connection, if you are using a laptop or cell phone with Firefox, to determine its strength.

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Wireless Problems - Network Not Available

I am trying to connect my wireless adapter to a network but when I scan for available networks it says nothing is in range but my adapter connects to my network automatically on start-up I have tried restarting the windows zero configuration but I still cannot veiw any networks does anybody know what could be wrong

You need to boot the computer and check if the correct driver is loaded on Device Manager in Control Panel. Then you need to search for ‘Network Adapters’ category, and press on the plus sign next to it. If you see an exclamation point or question mark next to the adapter, or if you fail to find the category, then the problem might be due to an incorrect driver installed. In order to solve the problem, you need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and correctly install the newest driver for the Network Interface Card for the Operating System (OS).

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How to Fix HP Printer Cartridges

Ink (or printer) cartridges are, for the most part, highly reliable. But sometimes they do develop problems. So before you recycle it and buy a new printer cartridge take a moment to see if you can fix your ink cartridge yourself. Since ink cartridges vary greatly even by manufacturer, it is somewhat difficult to describe every thing to check on the ink catridge in great detail. But overall, your best friend in your task is your eyes: Remove your printer cartridge and look at it closely for a minute or two to see if there are any obvious problems. Assuming your ink cartridge looks good to you, then follow these steps below:


Pull the ink cartridge out of the printer and check to make sure the strip or tape that usually comes on new printer cartridges to protect the print nozzle has been completely removed. Lightly dampen a paper towel and blot the printer cartridge before installing it back in the printer.

If the ink cartridge is still printing smeared or very light text, go to your printer's software program. Access the printer's "properties" tab and look for a "maintenance" or "services" tab. Follow the procedure as instructed by your computer and print a test page.

Print a few multicolored pages out if your test page prints all but one color. It could be that the ink in your colored-ink cartridge has not had a chance to properly mix. You might need to buy refill ink or a new ink cartidge in that color.

Lift the cartridge carriage up and position it in the middle of the printer to clean the square rubber pieces with cotton swabs dabbed in warm water. Dirty printers will affect the quality of even a new HP ink cartridge. You will need to use your flashlight to help see your handiwork.

Slide a damp paper towel back and forth under the carriage to remove excess dirt.

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HP 2600 Color Laser Printer Problem: HP 2600 won't reset after replacing toner cartridge

Loading a compatible HP LaserJet 2600 toner cartridge into the 2600 HP laser printer should reset the laser printer's counter and consequently authorize another cycle of printing. But what if the HP 2600 won't reset after replacing toner cartridge and allow printing to resume? How should the user troubleshoot this print issue?

Before the compatible HP LaserJet 2600 toner cartridge can operate and resume with printing, the printer function precluding the use of non-OEM supplies must first be disabled. OEM cartridges have a built-in mechanism that communicates with the printer and prevents the turnout of print jobs when a compatible toner cartridge unit is loaded.

The DISABLE Function can be easily accessed through the control panel of the 2600 HP laser printer. Simply push the SELECT button and the compatible HP LaserJet 2600 toner cartridge is consequently set for printing. However, users are advised to keenly inspect print quality because the monitoring of toner supply status level has also been disabled in this case. Therefore, the laser printer will not be able to update the user about the actual toner supply levels. While this may pose some form of inconvenience to the user, the incurred savings in toner expenses is definitely worth the extra effort.

Hewlett Packard designed the 2600 HP laser printer to operate using its own set of OEM printer supplies. However, the high cost of laser printing in line with the hefty pricing of OEM consumables have encouraged a good number of laser printer users to use compatible laser toner cartridges produced by the aftermarket. Compatibles are engineered to produce a similar degree of print performance and yield, but definitely at a much lower cost.

Patronizing expensive OEM printing supplies all the time can be such a pain. If only users of the 2600 HP laser printer knew that with the touch of the right printer panel button, savings can be had with the use of a compatible HP LaserJet 2600 toner cartridge. But then again, a word of caution! Not all compatible cartridges are created equal, so be conscious in your choice of printer supplies and reseller outlets so as not to let that precious dollar go to waste.

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