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How to remove a virus from computer?

I got a virus somehow, i cannot open any single application without a window popping up, an embarrassingly obvious virus, posing as an anti virus (ironic). i have avast, and i did a full system scan, restarted, tried again, still found nothing, tried typing some stuff into cmd, but to no avail, and safe mode with networking doesn't change anything, it's still there. i would like to know how to find the file the virus is in, and how i can delete it. thanks.
To remove a virus you must first scan for it to know where it's hiding. I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials, it is free. It found 3 trojans on my computer. After removing them, upon rescan they were still there! It freaked me out a little bit. So, I went back to their website, and conducted a live chat with one of their techs which was also free. They stayed with me for 4 hours on chat & manually removed the virus from my computer. I felt safe about downloading from them since it was a microsoft product & their customer service was really wonderful for something I didn't have to pay for. I'll post the link for you're interested. Good luck!

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