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Firefox Running Sow?

I recently reinstalled Firefox after a laptop crash/reboot.
Now it runs really slowly. It takes ages to load pages. It crashes/freezes randomly, and if I'm not moving the mouse, it stops loading. So if I'm trying to watch a video on youtube, I can't watch it unless I'm moving the mouse continuously! This is becoming such a pain. I can't even save images to my desktop, because it lags when it downloads anything.
How do I stop this!?

Firefox may load and operate slowly if you have installed many add-ons or if your add-ons are conflicting. You can disable all add-ons and enable them, one by one, to determine if a specific add-on is causing trouble. In addition to this, you may wish to check for updates to add-ons to ensure that your installed add-ons are compatible with your current version of Firefox. 2. Firefox may be slow if you have many bookmarks. To circumvent this issue, remove unneeded bookmarks 3. Firefox may appear to be slow, but it may actually be due to your Internet connection or wireless signal. To troubleshoot this issue, you can use a separate browser -- such as either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome -- to determine if loading is slow across the board. You can also check your wireless connection, if you are using a laptop or cell phone with Firefox, to determine its strength.

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