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Wireless Connection Not Found.

I bought a HP Pavillion dv6-3121nr Notebook and a Photosmart d110 wireless all in one. After setting both machines up, the wireless connection between the 2 was working fine until today. I'm trying to print a document from my school and it takes a really long time to do so. In the computer screen a message comes up saying that "the printer is offline", but in the printer's screen it says "printing". And it prints, but a single page takes 20 minutes to do so.
I had the D110 print me a "Wireless Network Test Report", which says "No problems found. Congratulations on the successful setup of your wireless printer.*" But when I run the troubleshooting from the computer it says " Verify that UDP port 427 is unblocked for both inbound and outbund traffic". I did verify it , and it is unblocked by the firewall. I even restored the computer back to the last time the wireless connection worked properly, which was on Sunday, but to no avail. Please help.

Check whether you have any third party firewall installed on to the system, if you have the third party firewall installed on the system then you need to contact directly to your Firewall manufacturer to unblock the UDP port 427 and then see whether the issue gets fixed. The other scenario is if you is being using the Windows Live OneCare firewall then open the OneCare, change the settings, click to the firewall tab and then go to the advanced option, select the ports and protocol option, add the UDP port there, and then select the UDP as the type, you need to choose inbound. After adding the UDP port now you may reboot your computer system and then check if the problem gets fixed.

Hopefully, you got solution for Wireless Connection Not Found

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Mike said...

Yes what I think that I got the solution. You said right that usually wireless connection does found due to firewall. Firewall blocked it because of security purpose.
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