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How do you restore a sony laptop back to factory settings?

Problem: How do you restore a sony laptop back to factory settings?
Basically my laptop has a virus so keeps crashing when I go on some programmes so wondered how to restore it back to factory settings?
Solution: Follow the given steps for Restore to Factory Settings From Recovery CD:
1. Put the Sony System Recovery CD into the CD drive and then turn off your computer. Wait at least 30 seconds before restarting.
2. Restart the computer and a "Vaio System Recovery Utility" window comes up. Click "Next."
3. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to begin the system restore. Follow the instructions that you will be given in the window.
Restore to Factory Settings From Laptop
1. Close out all programs and open browser windows.
2. Click on "Start" on your computer's desktop.
3. Click on "Help and Support" when the Start menu opens up.
4. Select "Vaio Recovery Wizard" from the Help and Support menu. Confirm that you want to set the laptop back to factory settings and click "Next." The Sony laptop will begin the restoration process, which can take an hour or more.
5. Click "OK" when you finally receive a window that tells you the recovery process has been successfully completed

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