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No Audio Output Device Installed

M laptop suddenly lost its sound. though computer beeps can be heard (i.e. computer warning when ejecting a device)
but not music. or any other sound. so i figured its a software problem so i decided to install drivers from hp's support site.. still no go. so i then looked at the device manager and saw that the audio device doesn't exist. conexant high definition audio device isnt listed. so i tried updating my bios thinking that it would fix the problem. still nothing. so i used the recovery software in my computer and thats why im here. now searching around the forums its unfortunate that there are alot of people having the same issues and not having any of the solutions. i dont know what else to do. i think its past due for my laptop's warranty. but as a given fact that its a common issue with dv series from hp. i think they should do something about their product.
To solve the No Audio Output Device Installed in my laptop, I have tried the following:
1) GO BACK INTO "Device Manager" (dreaded, soul-crushing thing)
3) Find "System speaker"
4) Uninstall it.
5) Go into hibernate/restart (I hibernated for a few minutes), cross your fingers and hope the dreaded red X is gone.
I hope it works for you

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