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This post describe the troubleshooting steps about error message Scanner could not be enabled while working with scanner .

Follow the steps below:

Unplug the USB cable.
Turn the printer power off and then unplug the power cable.
Shut down the computer.
Reseat the USB cable and plug the power cable directly to a wall outlet.
Power the printer on.
Restart the computer and attempt to scan.
If you are still unable to scan, try the next set of instructions ('Download the clean utility for your printer') below.
Download the clean utility for your printer:

Click the following link to our Drivers & Downloads center. You should see a list of the files that you can download for your printer. An operating system is associated with each file.
Look at the file description next to your operating system. Make sure the clean utility for your printer is mentioned. (The file name should have the word clean in it.)
Click on the file name. The download process will begin.
Download the file to your desktop or to a folder where you will be able to find it later.
Once the download process is complete, close all the open windows and follow the instructions below to launch the Scan and Copy Control Program.
Launch the Scan and Copy Control Program:

Unplug the power cable from the printer.
Leave it unplugged for one minute and then plug it back in.
At this point you will need to reboot the PC.
If you receive a Hardware Plug-N-Play message, uninstall the printer driver and then run the clean utility that you downloaded.
Reboot the computer again and reinstall the driver following the installation directions in the manual.
If you receive an ArtCopy55 error message when trying to scan, right-click the Scan and Copy Control Program icon in the SYSTRAY and click Exit.
Do a search for the file artcopy55.jac and delete it.
Launch the Scan and Copy Control Program and attempt to scan a document again.

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1 comment:

Lisa said...

I've tried your tips but to no avail; I still can't get it to work since I'm not that adept in computer stuff. I'll visit the IT support (Boston-based) firm to have a look at my system. Yet, thanks for posting! Maybe soon I'll understand them as I learn more about computers.