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Fix HP Printer System Error 010060

Problem :

When I first start up my plotter it comes up with SYSTEM ERROR 010060, after about a minute it continues to initialise and then says READY. When I try to plot a drawing it comes up with error 070020. The plot will start but the lines are staggard and sometimes it stops plotting and says switch off power and check cartridge path.
I have done a demo plot and all is fine. Any ideas?

Solution :

SYSTEM ERROR 010060 is a Primer Motor sensor problem, Sensor might be bad, motor might not be turning, cable could have failed, or main PCA might be bad.

070020 Is a drop detect sensor error, the sensor is part of the service station.

The check cartridge path indicates that the carriage rails need lubrication, use a light silicone or synthetic lubricant, (it could be other things, but this is the most likely), you also might need to replace the belt.

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Douglas Hoover said...

Hi, Im still learning a lot about computers and how to
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So if you have any advice you can give me that will help me keep my computer free of errors
Id really appreciate them. Thanks