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Fix HP Wireless Sleep Mode No Wake UP Error

HP Online PC SupportProblem :

I have a newly installed HP 6500 wireless. Once it goes to sleep for some time (on the order of hours), it refuses to wake up. The power button and not other front panel button will bring it back to life, nor is it accessible via wireless. Only a power disconnect reboot will bring it back to life.

Running Linksys WRT150n locked in 802.11 g mode, WPA PSK TKIP, DHCP, uPNP disables, MAC filtered.

USB disconnected, DSL Frontier, filter in place.

Talked to the help desk for over an hour. Talking to the cat was about as effective as the help I received. Was told I shouldn't plug the printer into a commercial surge protector; I should only plug it directly into the wall. I did learn the 9# power button reset sequence.

Solution :

One side effect we've noticed with Apple's latest FW upgrade to their Airport Extreme wireless-routers is that our printers no longer get a default gateway IP address. This should only affect those printers that make outbound connections to the internet, as a some of our printers do.

When you set a static IP address in our printers, you'll need to set the subnet mask (usually and the default gateway IP (usually the base IP address of your network which is the printer's IP address with the last octet to 1).

I'm not sure if this is the issue you're seeing with your Officejet 6500, though setting a static IP address doesn't hurt as long as the printer is always left on.

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