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Problem :

I have a Dell laptop with Windows XP and a HP 1012 Laserjet. The laserjet has been working fine and suddenly yesterday evening it stopped being able to print. I get the message: print spooler service is not running. I have tried a lot of things I found on the internet to get it going again but nothing has worked so far.

Solution :

- Turn off the printer

- Turn off the computer

- Turn on the computer and wait until it has completely loaded

- Turn on the printer

Once the printer has fully started, go into the driver's properties from the Printing and Faxing window and try to send a test page. If it still says the spooler is not running then in the Control Panel, open Adminstrative Tools and select Services. Scroll down the list and select Spooler - does it say started? If you right click on it, can you start it? If it's set to manual change it to Automatic. If it doesn't want to start or isn't in the list then you have an issue with your operating system. Check the MS knowledge base for help with spooler issues.

If it looks good and started and set to automatic and your printer still won't print then try this test. Open a word document and select print. Look for a small check box next to print to file. What this will do is spool out the document but then save it to the hard drive instead of sending it to the printer (it will ask you to name the file and give you a chance to save it to where you want). If this works with no errors then the issue is likely the printer.

If it's the printer then try a different cable, check to see if you can upgrade the firmware.

If print to file doesn't work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

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