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Fix HP LaserJet Not Printing Error

Problem :

I just recently uninstalled my Brother HL-1440 from my system running build 5384, and replaced it with an HP 1020 LJ. The problem I find is that the printing is quirky. Sometimes it will print, most times it will not. I typically find my print job in the printer status box labeled as LOCAL DOWNLEVEL DOCUMENT and the status is SPOOLING. It just sits there and does nothing. If I try to delete it, status changes to DELETING - SPOOLING and also it just sits there. I've found this to be the case with both the driver that came out of the box (XP driver) and the one that comes with Vista. I've also noticed that my Lexmark X7170 also does not print. The HP is on USB001 and Lexmark on USB002.

Solution :

Right-clicking on a BAT file with the above commands cut/pasted into it, and running it as Administrator seems to be flushing out the queue.

The odd thing, however, while it's cleared out the "local downlevel documents" from the queue, the tray icon still seems to think there's multiple documents in the queue - even when you open the queue and it shows there aren't any documents.

Still.. It IS faster than rebooting - or even logging off and back on.

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