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Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error 6A00

Problem :

This is driving me nuts. No one seems to know what this 6A00 error means. My lights are flashing green orange 11 times. I'm told to send it back. I want this printer as the new ones have new little print heads on the cartridges(nasty). I can't use my own cartridges.

Solution :

I had the same problem and was able to solve it.

Canon Pixma IP40000 Printer
6A00 error and green and orange blinking for 12 times.

Open the top of the printer, move the ink-cartriges to the left.

Look in the openening you get.

You wil see white plate with two transparant guides on this.
do not thouch the transparant guide plate

On the most right white arm push a little downwards with a pencil or a plastic pin.

May be you have to push on the grove a little more to the back .

You will see that the plate will move a very little and this obstruction for moving the cartriges and rollers is gone.

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