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Fix HP Printer Not Visible Error

Problem :

I recently bought a new computer with windows 7 (32 bit) Pro. I installed the drivers for my HP laserjet 5000n. The printer works fine, however, I do not see the printer in the in control panel (Devices and Printers). I have 2 other printers that I would like to remove. They can only be seen when I select a printer when printing a document.

Solution :

I'm assuming you are connected to the parallel port. Right click on the computer and see if there is a Printer Properties menu item.

I've seen this when the parallel port is configured in a Legacy mode so the parallel device is just another part of the computer device (reconfigure the parallel system BIOS).

If you have more than one printer defined that uses the same port and same driver Devices and printers conciders this one device and the other queues are configurable in fly out menus off the primary device.

If you have Pro or Ultimate you can use the UI from the spooler team, launch printmanagement.msc to manage local printers.

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