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Fix HP 3210 Ink System Failure

Problem :

I have the HP Photosmart 3210 all-in-one it has been running well since we first purchased the printer back when it came out. However today we recieved an error message stating a ink system Failure.

Solution :

Here some more hidden tricks for the HP Photosmart 3210:

1: turn on printer and wayt for it to get ready
2: unplug powercord
3: press '6' and 'Select Photo'(most right of the '6') button and hold pressed
4: plug in powercord
5: keep holding key's pressed until display shuts down
6: release buttons; message "Semi NVM Reset"

trick 2:
1: press simultaious "arrow left" + "arrow right"
2: enter '1 2 3'
3: this wil get you in to mfg menu

1 comment:

Florida4x4chick said...

neither of those worked… do you have any other suggestions?