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Problem :

I have an HP Laserjet 2100 Parallel printer. my devices and printers are not appearing on the devices and printers window even it is connected to the computer.but if you plug a usb the flash drive was recognized but the device is not available in the remove hardware icon....but on the deivce manager all drivers are ok...

Solution :

If the printer icon is not displaying in Devices and Printers , you can view the printer properties, print queue, and preferences by following these steps.
On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon ( ), and then click Devices and Printers . The Devices and Printers windows opens.Under Devices , right-click on the computer icon.
The device menu opens.

On the menu, click one of the following options for the printer.

See what's printing : Lists the current print jobs for the printer.

Set as default printer : Set your printer as the default printer.

Printing preferences : Customize the options for your printouts.Printer properties : Lists the properties for your printer.

Delete print queue : Allows you to delete the printer driver from Devices and Printers.

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