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Windows 7 activation hack seemingly to be followed by Trojans

There is a strong possibility of Trojan attacks looming large in the case of the Windows 7 product activation system cracks. These cracks had been developed in the time period of less than a month since Microsoft released it's new operating system, Windows 7. The ChewWGA with the RemoveWAT utility gives the option to a potential Windows 7 user to overlook the Windows Genuine Advantage registration procedure. These hacks elude the product activation without requiring OEM keys. This was never an issue on the pre-release code hacks.
And now, a reliable security firm has spilled the beans saying that Trojans posing as Windows 7 operating system cracks are lurking around. Very soon RemoveWAT and Chew-WGA versions in Trojan will be available on websites and file-sharing networks everywhere. The launch of the Windows 7 operating system cracking tools was quite alarming and it took security watchers by surprise.
Similar tracks were also released after the launch of Vista operating system two years back. The problem was quickly resolved when Microsoft issued an update then. The same was the case with the Windows XP as well. when it's utilities also started making an appearance in 2005. It happened immediately after the Windows Genuine Advantage system became a compulsory mandate in the same year.

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