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Upgrading an Operating System

It is always important to keep in mind to make a quick check on the hardware available in a computer before a user makes an operating system upgrade. Newer operating systems need higher processing power to function and operate. The old devices in an old computer will not be able to support some applications in the new operating system.
For the operating system upgrade, a user will have to insert the Upgrade CD into the CD ROM. This will immediately start processing the upgrade. Remember to select the Upgrade option and not the Fresh Install option when asked for. When there is a prompt on the selection of the File System, it is always suggested to choose the existing file system then opting for a new one. The operating system upgrade will gradually get processed by itself.
Once the upgrade is completed, the next best thing to do would be to quickly check if all the applications are running. In case a particular application refuses to run, then simply uninstall it and reinstall it back again. After the operating system upgrade has been enabled without any glitches, then check if any hardware device is functioning properly or not. If any device fails to respond, then use the specified driver to install the hardware back again.
At any point, if a user encounters any complication in installing or reinstalling applications or devices, then help can be sought from the application vendor's or the computer manufacturer's website.

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