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Tips before making an Operating System Upgrade

It is surely a lot cheaper to make an operating system upgrade instead of buying a new one altogether. But there are a few things to keep in mind before the upgrade exercise is carried out. It is important to check and find out if the hardware one has on his computer is compatible with the new operating system and see if it meets all the requirements to support the new OS that is yet to be installed. This is so, because the new operating systems come with higher processing power than the older ones and these ones need more space and efficiency to support the new software that is getting ready to be installed. The older hardware devices usually do not function in the new OS. This is also true for applications.

So one should make a list of all the hardware that has been connected to a computer and enlist all of them to compare it with the requirements that is demanded for the new OS. This list should include the CPU speed, RAM size, Hard Disk free space etc. They are among the prominent ones and a user should not leave any stone unturned to endure an exercise to go through their details and check up on them. They should meet all the requirements for the newer operating system. These details, if not available, with the user then can be accessed from the vendor's website. It will have all the minimum hardware requirements for the new operating system. Usually this should ensure the upgrade but it is always better to back-up all data and copy it into a CD before the upgrade is made.

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