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Compatibility of old computer with Microsoft's new operating system

It is only natural that whenever a new operating system makes its entry into the market, the users of previous versions of the operating system will have sleepless nights trying to figure out if the existing systems will be compatible with the new version available. And here we see Microsoft's Windows 7 and its old users. But Microsoft has devised a way to make it slightly easier for its users to determine if the user's old computer is compatible with its latest version by introducing a Compatibility Center. It will reveal if a computer is outdated to meet the new OS standards or what software or driver upgrade it will require for an upgrade.
The support will be available in the form of a compatibility website, but it will be available only after the release of Windows 7 operating system in stores from October 22, 2009. As the launch draws nearer, thousands of products will be enlisted in the support pipeline where the peripherals and the applications associated with the support will be scrutinized and checked and slowly, with that, with the required data the testing will be carried out. There is also a provision for users to e-mail their product requests and thereafter look for a new gear which will have the logo: Compatible with Windows 7 operating system.
As for other users with other operating systems like Windows XP or earlier versions, Microsoft has asked its users to get help from local computer service provider. The most common procedure would be to undertake a clean installation which means one will have to back up all current files and settings and then reinstall them all over again.

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JessicaD said...

There is also the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which is important to download and run on older systems. It scans the entire system and provides a report on compatibility with Windows 7. It is available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center—please follow this link .
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Windows 7 Client Team