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Creating an email account in Outlook Express

Outlook Express is one of the better email clients that are available to the user, and it is a product of Microsoft. To have an email account in Outlook Express is easy. It serves the same purpose like all email clients, to send and receive emails. Creating a personal or a business email account in Outlook Express is not a tough task. One needs to keep these steps in mind.
One will need to create an email account. For this purpose even an old email account will do. Go to Start and choose Outlook Express from All Programs and select Accounts. Now choose the "Mail" tab in the Internet Accounts window. Follow this step up by clicking on Add and then click Mail from the side menu.
Next up, the user will now have to undertake a bigger task of entering a lot of personal information in order to create his email account in Outlook Express. Enter name in the Internet Connection wizard, email the one that the user wishes to use and also the sever information (contact ISP for information if unsure). Simply click on Next after the aforementioned steps have been completed.

Finally, enter the email account name and password in the next window that pops-up. This window can be accessed through the ISP or the control panel. Click Next for the final time and then on Finish. The Outlook Express email account has been set up and is now ready to use to make things a lot simpler for you in terms of communicating and keeping in touch with family, friends or workmates.

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