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Gone are the days when the typewriter was the main piece of office equipment. This antique has been replaced by computers that enable employees to work at the speed of light. It is not unusual to see two projects pulled up on a computer screen while the employee is composing an email and talking on the phone. The laser printer is the sidekick of the office computer and it sees an enormous amount of use. Companies suffer big losses when they fail to have laser printer repairs completed in a timely manner by a professional.

In a recent business survey of over 3,000 individuals in charge of corporate printing functionality, 72 percent reported downtime at least monthly. The main reason why employees could not print? Staff failure to report that the printer was malfunctioning. In the largest companies surveyed, 43 percent said their staff was lax in reporting a faulty printer. This means that in any given month, over 250 employees within a single business suffer at the hands of printer downtime.

Ignoring an issue like printer repair is detrimental to a company. To succeed in this economy, a business must be faster, leaner, and more creative than its competition. Leanness comes at the hands of the most productive workers and creativity spills from their minds onto the computer screen. To get their best ideas into hard copy form, laser printers are required. If the office printer is not working, the business is not able to produce fast results.

Inexperienced repair technicians often have difficulty identifying what is preventing the device from operating. They have not witnessed the variety of things that can go wrong with a laser printer. Workers with decades of experience have seen it all. This enables them to quickly diagnose and address the issue, whether it is a worn out part or a tiny paper jam deep in the workings of the printer.

Printer repair is a necessary expense, but it does not need to be wasteful. By calling on the most skilled service companies to perform the repair, a business saves money in the end. The printer will be fixed properly the first time and will be optimized for use within the busy office environment. Running diagnostic tests enables repair technicians to identify potential issues before these begin affecting printer operation.

The most skilled repair technicians know how to properly take apart the equipment to get at the heart of the issue and they reassemble the device like the professionals they are. When desired by the client, spare parts can be used to save the business money on things like fuser and other major assemblies. Refurbished parts help to reduce environmental waste and are backed by a warranty.

Poor management of the printing function costs the average business over $125,000 annually in lost productivity. For companies with over 250 workers, this figure can reach nearly $1 million. A business can recoup this cost simply through timely reporting of printer faults and laser printer repairs by only the most experienced professionals in the field.

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