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As part of their endeavor to contribute towards saving the ecosystem, Dell has come up with recycling solutions which is offered for not only Dell printers and Dell computers but even for other computers, printers and other hardware manufactured by other companies. This is probably one of the largely convenient alternatives for everyone since Dell already has the proper infrastructure for programs pertaining to recycling. In addition to this, Dell has various recycling events to educate people with reference to the dangers of inappropriate disposal of Dell printers.

The following points will elaborate on the need and way of recycling of Dell computers and printers.

1. The reasons for recycling Dell computers and Dell printers
Computers and printers of Dell and other companies must be recycled owing to 2 primary reasons:

The different materials in the computers as well as the printers can be used again for the production of various new kinds of products. This in turn will result in lessening the quantity of material which goes into the landfills as well as in reducing the requirement for the different kinds of raw materials needed in the manufacturing of computers and printers.

Few constituent materials of the computers as well as the printers ought to be disposed off or reprocessed in a particular way in order to guard the environment.

2. Regarding the data on the hard drive
Prior to recycling the Dell products, a backup is required for all the indispensable data as you will be removing all the data from the hard drive. Also, you are liable for removing or deleting all the data which is in your computer hardware.

3. The recycling program of Dell
Dell has an extensive recycling program. It includes computers and printer hardware along with printer ink cartridges as well as toner cartridges. As a matter of fact, Dell has taken it upon itself to recycle its branded computers and printers absolutely free of cost when you buy a fresh Dell printer. Most importantly, Dell accepts the computers, printers and other hardware from different manufactures for recycling.

4. What do you need to do?
To be able to recycle your Dell printers and computers visit the dell recycle support page.

Choose the 'Item Type' which is applicable to your product that you wish to recycle. Then enter the 'Unique Product Identifier' to begin the gratis recycling program by clicking on 'Recycle Now'.

In this way you can very easily get your old Dell Computers as well as Dell Printers recycled. The most critical component to dispose is the monitor of the printer which has a CRT or cathode ray tube. It has lead that can pollute drinking water if disposed carelessly.

The chips and other semi conductor parts both in the computer as well as the monitor may have large amount of cadmium. Batteries and some components in the motherboard have mercury. Dell takes care of segregating these metals and for reuse. Besides, it also saves you the time as well as effort with which you would otherwise dispose your computers and printers.

Dell is the first manufacturer to have made this kind of an eco friendly move and it has been appreciated globally for its outstanding contribution. Dell has expanded its recycling program through a number of tie ups with different organizations.

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