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Fix Windows 7 Printer Sharing Error 0x000006cc

Problem :

I can't share my Epson or HP printer on my new custom built pc with windows 7. I've uninstalled the software reinstalled it with updated drivers for windows 7, I've turned off the virus protection and firewall and it continues to give me the following error 0x000006cc. Any ideas on how to fix this. We also have an Acer computer with Windows 7 and it has no problems sharing the printer, it doesn't give me this error.

Solution :

There is a Knowledge Base : How to configure RPC dynamic port allocation to work with firewalls;EN-US;154596

check if this registy key is set (this is not the default configuration). It's not a spooler registry key. Someone stated that if this key is set, RPC will return an error to the spooler on statup. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Rpc\Internet\. I have no idea which application sets or uses this setting.

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