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How to Fix an HP 1600 Printer

For many years Hewlett Packard has been a recognized leader in the world of computers, printers and associated technologies. The printers the company makes are widely used in both homes and businesses, and many older HP printers are still going strong. That means that the owners of these printers will need to have some basic troubleshooting skills so that they can resolve common problems when they occur. Calling for service on a printer like the HP 1600 can be very costly, so doing the work yourself can save you a lot of money.


Determine the source of the problem by sending a print job or test print to the HP 1600. If the printer is grabbing multiple sheets of paper instead of just one, the problem could be as simple as moisture in the paper. Many HP printers, including the HP 1600, are quite sensitive to the moisture content of paper, and moisture can cause the printer to grab two or more sheets instead of one. This results in frequent paper jams, and sometimes in torn paper being left in the printer.

Turn off the HP Laserjet 1600 and remove the power cord from the back of the unit. Open the front cover of the printer and carefully pull the toner cartridge out. Watch for any loose toner as you pull the cartridge out of the printer.

Turn the toner cartridge over and examine it for any signs of leaking toner. If there is a leak you will generally see an accumulation of black dust at the bottom of the toner cartridge. If the toner cartridge is leaking it should be replaced right away--leaking toner can damage the printer.

Use a small vacuum cleaner to remove any paper dust and toner from the inside of the printer. The interior of the HP 1600 is very open and accessible, making it easy to work inside with a vacuum. A small handheld vac designed for use on computers is the perfect tool for this job.

Pull the paper tray out of the printer and make sure that all of the paper guides are set correctly. Also make sure that none of the tabs on the paper tray are broken off. The tabs used on this model are thin and somewhat easy to break, and if they are damaged the paper will not feed straight. This can result in paper jams and other issues. If the tray is damaged, a replacement can be ordered from HP or one of its authorized sellers.

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