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Fix Printer Error 0x000000d :Windows Cannot Connect to Printer

I've seen this problem with a few printers now, not consistently between any particular makes or models. However, I have found a consistent fix to connect to any network printer from vista:

Run a command prompt and type the following:

net use LPT2: \\servername\printer

This sets up a behind-the-scenes connection to the printer.

Then go through the add printer wizard, choose to add a local printer, and choose port LPT2... It will probably ask for a printer driver, and you can just choose whatever XP driver you might have been using before. The printer is then installed without any errors, and works just fine.

From poking around, it seems when the error appears that the driver is actually installed, but something between it being installed and it actually being added to vista's list of printers breaks. Doing the above just works though.

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