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Computer tech support which is also known as technical support includes a host of services under its wings. It is basically aimed at offering excellent services in assisting the operation and functioning of technical products related to computers and computer software. It is not an entity which provides training and giving support services to individuals and personnel alike, but it's prime focus is to provide help for technical support for a particular product.

Most tech support are provided by the product's manufacturers and they are available for free counselling and support for the products they sell or they give tech support for a minimal fee.

Tech support is enabled either by phone or through a web site via a chat session. Big companies have internal tech support teams to cater to the needs of the company's employees. Most of the tech support comes from the Internet and a good lot of them comes for free. The tech experts take care of all the computer related problems in order to provide advice and assistance to users and consumers alike. While smaller problems are given out mostly for free, as the problem becomes more complicated, a certain amount of fee is collected from the consumer for premium tech support.

Thee are various ways to enable and get an access to tech support services. Mostly all of them are delivered through the Internet. However, there are different technologies deployed to sent out these services. For a user who wants to have a direct interaction with the tech support specialists, various tools like SMS, Online chat, E-mail or Fax etc. can deployed to send out the information and tech support. Telephonic calls are also used to settle software problems. The next higher level of tech support is the remote access repair services. There is also a facility provided by tech support experts to deal with complicated problems especially that has to do with the hardware by directly dealing with the customer through a face to face interaction in person.

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